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Here's What the Authors Are Saying About Our Work:
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I have sold almost a 1000 copies!

Howell cover"My book sales are going up everyday.
I have sold almost 1,000 copies! It was the number one selling book at Malaprops bookstore in Asheville and I have been doing book signings and generally beating the bushes to get the book in stores as wildflower season approaches. I can hardly keep up with it all, though it's very exciting." Look Inside...

Patricia Kyritsi Howell - Medicinal Plants of the Southern Appalachians .
authors website More Info
Stellar Work. . .

jones cover"Thanks so much for your stellar work! I couldn't have done it without you." Look Inside...

Rhonda S. Jones - Teaching Common Sense: Seven Simple Principles for Nurturing Those Around You and Reaping the Harvest of Your Life . (Cover: M. Fisher)
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I have sold over 1000 books . . .

kelly cover"At this time I have sold over 1000 books in just a few months and have never been in a library or book store!! That will come next. Jamie's knowledge and patience produced this book. I will be glad to speak to anyone about her skills--better than any other out there!!" Learn More...

Lois Carter Kelly - Charity's Children: The Tway it Was
(Cover: Manjari Graphics)

authors website More Info
A Knowledgeable Mid-Wife -
Hunley Cover"For a moment, put aside Jamie's competency and skill as a formatter and, if you're a man, think of a seasoned scout guiding you through alien territory, or if you're a woman, picture a knowledge-able midwife assisting with the birth of your first child." Learn More...

N. Melinda Hunley - This Time Around (Cover Designer Unknown)
authors website More Info

Inspiring & Supportive—in Countless Ways-

Hagener Cover"This book could not have been born without its’ doctor. Jamie Saloff is the book-publishing equivalent of the delivery room doctor who knew just what to do for this book to come forth." Learn more...

Catherine Thorpe - Healing Timelines: God's Shalome for the Past, Present, and Future. An accelerated counseling method for trauma and emotional healing (Cover: Copen Design)
authors website More Info

My income has nearly doubled. . .

Bird cover"Jamie did a marvelous job on all the necessary ingredients that make up my winning layout. Partially as a result of her efforts and sound advice, I save thousands of dollars a year and my corporation's income has nearly doubled. This wouldn't have happened without her." Learn More...


Tom Bird - Your Artist Within; The Spirit of Publishing; and Write Right from God (Cover: Manjari Graphics)
authors website More Info
Amazing Speed and Due Diligence. . .

Beyond Adam & Eve"Jamie’s attention to detail and innovative ideas go way beyond her job description.   Look inside my book to see how she pains-takingly managed to design a bird flying up the side of the pages.  Jamie’s patience and helpful advice at every step of the way is invaluable to new authors. She is also able to turnaround projects with amazing speed and due diligence." Look Inside...

Marion H. Williams - Beyond Adam & Eve, 50 Things You Need to Know Before You Get to Heaven (Cover: Copen Design)
authors website More Info
More enjoyable than I ever expected. . .
Watson Cover"Working with Jamie on the production of my book was a pleasure. She patiently answered my many questions, turning obstacles into learning opportunities. Her knowledge, artistic eye, professionalism, and sense of humor made my publishing experience more enjoyable than I ever expected it could be." Look Inside...

Jimmie Lou Watson - Her Spirit Lives In Us: Immigrant Mother's Legacy of Love (Cover: Manjari Graphics)
authors website More Info
Honest Feedback/Constructive Guidance...
Hitchcock Cover"Jamie’s professional and personal support made the experience of self-publishing an enjoyable one. Her years of expertise and knowledge of the publishing field assisted me in making my dream of being a published author a reality. Jamie guided me at every turn. Her honest feedback, timely responses, and constructive guidance were invaluable."
Learn More...

Ellen Hitchcock -Nature's Magical Moments: Reflections of Nature & Self
authors website More Info
Perhaps the most capable in the industry . .
Hand Upon My Heart"In her calm, caring, unhurried manner, Jamie Saloff will conscientiously lead you through self-publishing's rather arduous challenges with gentle, ingenious expertness. She is perhaps the most capable person working in the self-publishing industry. And her gift is helping people." Learn More...

Perry Foster - Hands Upon My Heart: My Journey Through Heart Disease and Into Life (Cover: Manjari Graphics)
authors website More Info
Thanks. . .
Your Grandkids Will Be Poor"Many thanks for all of your help in getting my first project floated!"
Learn More...

Chris Kulpinski - Your Grandchildren Will Be Poor Unless You Help Them Reach Financial Independence (Cover: Manjari Graphics)
authors website More Info

Heart and Passion . . .
Hyde Cover"Jamie's work is nothing short of amazing. I never felt hurried or pressured to get it exactly right the first time. She showed me much grace, like a big sister trying to teach a younger brother how to ride a bike for the first time. There is obvious heart and passion in what she does. It is truly inspiring."
Look Inside...

Mark D. Hyde -Coloring Outside the Lines (Cover: Manjari Graphics)
authors website More Info
Her Knowledge Is Incredible. . .
Loucks Cover"Working with Jamie was a joy. Her knowledge is incredible, and best of all, she was attentive and patient with all the questions (many asked more than once) that a newbie such as me had. Without her expertise, I would have definitely put out an inferior book and taken much longer to figure the process out (and I probably would have given up!) My heartfelt thanks!"
Look Inside...

Bill Loucks -The Committee: Man's Inner Voices and Who Left the Toilet Seat Up? (Cover: Manjari Graphics)
authors website More Info
Many, Many Thanks. . .
Gatins Cover"Bless you for understanding the vagaries of writers and for your own integrity. Again, many, many thanks." Learn More...

Fran Moeller Gatins - Awakening With Mother Earth: Hearing Gaia Sing
authors website More Info
Precise - Prompt and Responsive. . .
Fink Cover"Jamie's work is creative and precise. She listens to what the client wants and then offers ideas to improve. When I asked for guidance I got it. I found her prompt and responsive to my needs and receptive to doing the work in the manner I ultimately selected. She comes highly recom-mended." Look Inside...

Kenneth N. Fink - Unbuttoned: Who Says Men
Can't Change? (Cover: M. Fisher)
authors website More Info

Thanks. . .

Waldner Cover"Working with Jamie was an absolute pleasure. How she can make a pile of paper and words into a book will forever remain a mystery to me. There is absolutely no way that I could have accomplished what I accomplished without Jamie's patience, guidance, and expertise. Thank you."
Look Inside...

Rudolf J. Waldner - Marketing from the Trenches: Your Guide to Retail Success (Cover: Manjari Graphics
authors website More Info
Superb work on an award-winning book. . .
Dickey cover"Thanks again for the superb work on my award-winning book. Jamie gave it a lively, whimsical and nature-fresh look which perfectly corresponds to the feeling I wanted to convey—one of optimism. Jamie helped me wrap my brain around all those endless details in the forced march to completion. I couldn't have done it without her. Well, let's put it this way—I wouldn't have wanted to!" Look Inside...
Patrice Dickey - Back to the Garden: Getting From Shadow to Joy
authors website More Info
Prompt - Professional - Creative
Fallgatter cover"I have truly enjoyed working with Jamie. She is prompt, professional, creative and patient. Jamie expertly guides the new
writer/publisher through every step of the process and is always available to answer questions, provide direction and offer support. I highly recommend her services." Look Inside...

Lilia Fallgatter - The Most Important Letter You Will
Ever Write
authors website More Info
A Very Talented Person . . .

Dutton Cover"Jamie is the 'all around make it happen person.'
I love the way the book looks, the layout couldn’t have been any better or closer to my vision of the finished product – Jamie is truly a very talented person. I can’t tell you how much her assistance has meant to me personally and professionally. The next few months are going to be a lot of fun!"
Look Inside...

Diane Dutton - A Woman's Ladder to Success Is Paved with Broken Glass Ceilings
authors website More Info
Her Creativity Made the Book Magnificient...
Schenker Cover"I loved working with Jamie on this book. Her patience and kindness in dealing with a first time author with tons of questions was truly remarkable. What was even more amazing was the care she took in making the final product something that was eye catching and easy to read. Her touches of creativity with the layout made the book magnificent."
Look Inside...

Rick Schenker -Moteke - The Redemption of Richard Mann (Cover: Copen Design)
authors website More Info
All things are possible. . .
Wyer Cover"I used to say "with spirit, all things are possible" - now I say 'with spirit AND Jamie. . .' " Learn More...

Roger Wyer - Choosing Joy at Work (Cover Designer Unknown)
authors website More Info
Goes the Extra Mile. . .
Dyslexic Doc"Jamie, you have gone the extra 100 miles for me, and don`t think I do not appreciate it!"
Learn More...

Dr. Ian Whyte M.A. (Cantab) M.D. - A Dyslexic Doc's Memoirs
authors website More Info
Even Seasoned Authors Can Benefit. . .
Dr. Lee Cover"Jamie is indispensable to me as I launch my career full force into the literary world. She is an author's best friend. Even when I may be frustrated or not see how at the time, I can always count on Jamie to come through for me. Even the most patient and seasoned authors can benefit from Jamie's expertise. Her continued support is exceptional." Learn More...

Dr. Keith Lee - The Journey from Extreme to Serene (Cover: M. Fisher)

authors website More Info
The Book That Started it All. . .
Saloff CoverThis is the book that started it all. If you want to know more about Jamie or the book itself, stop by her website noted below. If you'd like to see the interior of the books she designs, look at this one on Amazon and Look Inside the Book."
Jamie Saloff - Transformational Healing: Five Surprisingly Simple Keys Designed to Redirect Your Life Toward Wellness, Purpose, and Prosperity (Cover:
M. Fisher)
authors website More Info
Metamorphosis . . .
Matthew Taft Cover"I've got the book. It looks absolutely phenomenal! I'm so glad we went hard cover, it's just beautiful, every part of it. I've gotten a taste for what Jamie called
'metamorphosis,' or transformation, or I'm too high on an effectual kick. Sales are good. Life is good. I've got this book and I am feeling like a powerhouse of a new man."
Look Inside...

Matthew Taft - The Sensualist - a novel

authors website More Info
Her Industry Knowledge is Extensive . . .

Sheehy Cover"Jamie’s help was indispensable. Her knowledge of the industry is extensive. Any question I asked, she was able to answer. My book is beautiful inside and out. I plan to publish more books and hope I will be able to work with her on all of them!"
Look Inside...

Susanna Chelton Sheehy - Marking Time (Cover: Copen Design)
authors website More Info
Supportive . . .
Sheehy Cover"I have enjoyed Jamie's POD newsletter and am trying her [sales] suggestions. I appreciate everything she's done for me and have enjoyed working with her. Hopefully we can work together again some day."
Learn More...

Susanna Chelton Sheehy - Second Half (Cover: Copen Design)
authors website More Info
A national treasure in the formatting field. . .
Petrovic Cover"Wow! What a journey! Jamie is a national treasure in the book formatting field. She has been amazing and so supportive. Her wisdom, patience, skill, and expertise has been immensely helpful. She did a great job formatting my book. I am eternally grateful." Learn More...

Paula Petrovic - Sand Play for the Soul: Awakening the Power of You to New Worlds of Possibility
authors website More Info
Jamie's Creativity is Amazing . . .

Beyond Best"Jamie's creativity is amazing. She took my vague ideas and vision, added her own ingenuity, imagination, and creative skills, and produced a beautiful book. Hurdles seemed more like bumps along the path because of Jamie's way." Learn More...

Dr. Nell Rodgers - Beyond Best: Peak Performance in Changing Times (Cover: Copen Design)
authors website More Info
Above and Beyond . . .

Hunley SG Cover "I found Jamie's invaluable suggestions and endless patience went well beyond a mere business relationship." Learn More...

N. Melinda Hunley - Southern Graces: An incompleat manual for genteel feminine deportment
authors website More Info
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Mary Fisher Design


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1. Sharon K. Garner

Lightning Source:
Is a division of Ingram and THE source for Print on Demand. Lightning Source prints approx. 50,000 books per day from a catalog of over 6,000,000 titles. Over 500 new titles are added daily.
Note: Newer, single title authors
are now directed to IngramSpark.

R.R. Bowker /
MyIdentifiers :

Is the company that provides
ISBN numbers.


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Style Editing:

When you need a little more help than just checking grammar. We highly recommend Laura Kelly Editing Services. Check their site for more details including the particular types of genres they work with.

Copyright Registration:
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Web Design FAQs:
1. Ten Tips You Should
Know Before Promoting
Your Book on the Web


Thank God! . . .

Guide to Deployment"I thank God to have met you! I owe a great deal to you for your advice and professionalism."
Look Inside ...

Thomas A. Mengesha - The Service Member's Guide to Deployment
authors website More Info
Rave reviews. . .
The Last Grave"Thanks for a fantastic job formatting my mystery novel. I'm getting lots of rave reviews by people who have read the book. I sure appreciate all the work you are doing. . ." Learn More...
Jon Dorrough - The Last Grave (Cover: Manjari Graphics)
authors website More Info
Happy with what we've accomplished . . .

Garden of Eden"I'm happy and a little excited (I'm too old to get carried away) with what we've accomplished thus far. . . I've never married but this book business strikes me as something akin to having a baby. You nourish it and pet the little thing, and hope it grows into something you can be proud of and brag to your friends about..." Learn More ...

Larry Henry -Garden of Eden (Cover: Cory Mollenhour)
authors website More Info
Thank God! . . .

Looking into your voice"Jamie is God's wondrous angel. Trillions of love and thanks!"
Learn More ...

Cathie Borrie -looking into your voice: the poetic and eccentric realites of Alzheimer's
authors website More Info
From start to finish . . .

To Snare A Wolf"As a new author, Jamie was instrumental in helping me to publish my first novel from start to finish. I recommend her highly and plan to
use her formatting my second novel." Look Inside ...

Robert T. Nowak -To Snare A Wolf
authors website More Info

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